BondFitNYC offers mommy/daddy & me classes that are fun and engaging for all. Turn your workout into a dance party and create an everlasting bond!

BondFitNYC is for parents, located in the New York City area, that enjoy a fun workout with their child.  My classes involve lots of fun and easy exercises for both parent and child.  I introduce classes with a music theme, from soft baby hymns and toddler sing-alongs, to Pop, and Hip Hop too.  I teach basic exercises (some of my very own) that focus on the core, arm and leg areas of the body--babies just relax.  I also incorporate parachute exercises for color stimulation, in addition to some very basic yoga stretches in between exercises.  My classes provide a great opportunity for parents to bond with their little one(s).  As parents, we tend to get carried away from being an adult and forget to spend time with our children.  I truly believe that we should instill this idea of being active and living a healthy lifestyle in our children, so that we can all live long, happy and healthy lives.



340 4th Avenue, 2nd Floor

Brooklyn, NY


Price Per Class For Entire Family

Non-Members: $20

UFC GYM Members: $5

Upcoming Classes

Sunday, April 29th

10:30am - (Infant Class, 0-2 years) 30 min.

11:15am - (Infant Class, 0-2 years) 30 min.

1:15pm - (Toddler Class, 2-6 years)

45 min.